Meidoh Co., Ltd.

High strength bolt and cold forging maker whose main customer is Toyota Motor Co.

Location : Toyota city Aichi, Japan
Total Sales : 30,300million yen (FY 2014)
No. of employees : 970
Establishment : 1924

Hamano Co., Ltd.

High precision, strength bolt maker for truck engine whose main customer is Hino Motors, Ltd.

Capital tie-up with Meidoh in Japan
Location : Yoshikawa city Saitama, Japan
Total Sales : 2,500million yen (FY 2014)
No. of employees : 126
Establishment : 2002

Kato Screw Co., Ltd.

Bolt and special cold forging parts maker for truck whose main customers are Hino Motors, Ltd., UD truck and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Location :HQ at Edogawa Tokyo, Japan
Shirakawa plant at Shirakawa city, Fukushima, Japan
Total Sales : 5,500 million yen (FY 2014)
No. of employees : 220
Establishment : 1947

Effective utilization of resources by cooperating with MEIDOH group.
Kato Screw and Hamano : Various kinds and small Quantity
Meidoh : Many kinds and large Quantities

Manufacturing Cold Forging, Machining and Heat Treatment under one roof.

Adoption of our customer's localization needs.

Mutual, complementary of SKMT and PT MEIDOH Indonesia

Well established resources
in many countries